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that. >>> we've heard threats from companies that obama care will cause them to cut benefits and workers hours. now one major company has moved beyond idle threats. u.p.s. says it will not provide health care to 15,000 spouses. why? the company blames obama care for its decision. >>> if you don't believe in miracles we might have a story that might make you believe now. man declared dead for 45 minutes suddenly springs back to life. know this is kind of corny, he's going to join us live, we really mean live, this morning. we'll talk to him about that experience. >> live means a lot more for that man. >>> first let's get to the absolutely amazing and heartpounding 911 call capturing every critical moment of a horrifying school shooting. you're about to hear an amazingly composed bookkeeper trying to calm a 20-year-old man with an ak-47 on tuesday and and go shooting at police. her cool under pressure remarkable. how she finally convinces him to surrender will astound you. martin savidge is live in decatur, georgia, on this. she is amazing. martin? >> reporter: she absolutely i
officials say once they get the order they could be ready to go within hours but while obama administration officials continue to verbally hammer bashar al assad we're still waiting to get the hard evidence that he's responsible. the latest warning to syria comes directly from the white house. >> those who use chemical weapons against defenseless men, women and children, should and must be held accountable. >> reporter: another sign to expect action, u.s. officials all but telling u.n. inspectors, get out of the way. >> and it's clear the security situation isn't safe for the team in syria. >> reporter: the defense secretary told the bbc u.s. ships are positioned, preparations complete. >> we are ready to go. >> reporter: and a defense official tells cnn if the president chooses the most limited option, it could be over in two to three days. cruise missiles could target syria's weapons launchers and command and control facilities, but that's it. >> the options we are considering are not about regime change. >> reporter: and this some say could backfire on the white house. >> it may give bas
days, president obama's national security team will present him with its final detailed options. the administration is already making the case for taking action against syria. >> presidnt obama believes there must be accountability for those who would use the world's most heinous weapons against the world's most vulnerable people. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry accused the assad regime of gassing its own people and called it -- >> moral obscenity. >> reporter: if the president gives the order a senior defense officials says four navy destroyers in the mediterranean sea could execute a mission within hours. u.s. and british submarines are also likely nearby, all armed with cruise missiles. the extremely accurate tomahawks can be fired from 500 miles away, with an ability to change course in mid flight. the potential targets include the delivery systems that can be used to launch weapons, militia training camps being run by bashar al assad and most importantly, the syrian government's command and control centers. >> allahu akbar! >> reporter: they are not designed to o
. first let's start with our conversation with president barack obama. why are you doing this particular bus tour, what do you believe you can do to help lower the costs of college and give families who are struggling a chance to afford an education? >> couple things we're going to do. number one, we want to create a new system of ratings for colleges so that parents and students know what schools graduate kids on time, good value for the money, lead to good jobs. the second thing we want to do is work with colleges who are doing some interesting things to figure out how do you reduce costs? can you help young people graduate a little faster, and the third thing we want to do is to build on something we've already done which is to try to help students manage their debt. we've got a program right now where you never have to pay more than 10% of your income. >> there's no question that the key to it is cost. the numbers, income 16%, college education costs going up by well over 200%. how do you make them stop, when they hold all the cards in. >> well, when you look at public colleges and u
this morning to see what the latest is on the case. >>> for the first time president obama addressed the decision to shut down embassies and diplomatic poes in the middle east and africa. the interview happened on "the tonight show with jay leno." the president also covered edward snow it is den and his relationship with john mccain and hillary clinton. a nice change of pace. what didn't they cover in the interview? >> everything. i think that's part of the reason why president obama really likes the late night talk shows. he does a lot of these. h he's the first sitting president to get in there with late night talk shows. this was his sixth appearance on leno's program. he talked about everything from the economy, health care re form, what's going on in the middle east and the nsa. ♪ >> reporter: in his first remarks on the al qaeda terror threat president obama insisting the u.s. is not overreacting in closing 19 embassies through tend of the week. >> how significant is this threat? >> well, b it's significant enough that we are taking every precaution. >> reporter: the presiden
, baghdad and riyad and doha and qatar, it may include additional days. another official told cnn the obama administration is monitoring threats against the american embassy in yemen. the move came on the same day president obama met with the president of yemen who has cracked down on al qaeda. >> what we've seen is al qaeda in the arabian peninsula or aqap moved back out of territories that it was controlling. >> so here's the obvious question. is this threat due to al qaeda? al qaeda is now an organization so spread out across the region with so many affiliate organizations in so many countries, this may be best thought of as an al qaeda-inspired threat trying to lead to more attacks across the region. kate? >> barbara, watching it for us at the pentagon, thanks so much. >>> to cleveland, where ariel castro is now locked up for life. during his sentencing hearing the cleveland kidnaper said he was not a monster, but one of the women he tortured for a decade had a very different story to tell, an emotional but defiant michelle knight said she would overcome what happened but that castro wo
to it, the big decision on syria. president obama says the syrian government attacked its own people with chemical weapons. the president heads to congress to make the case as the u.s. seems to be ramping up, however, one of its key allies, britain is slowing things down. the question is what zp they find? we begin with barbara star at the pebt gone. >> good morning, chris. britain and washington will be releasing details on what it has about assad killing his own people. president obama says he hasn't decided what to do but is determined to hold syria accountable. >> we want the assad regime to understand that, by using chemical weapons on a large scale against your own people, against women, against infants, against children, that you are not only breaking international norms and standards of decency, but you're also creating situation where u.s. national interests are affected and that needs to stop. >> reporter: the president left no doubt who ordered the chemical weapons atacks. >> we've concluded the syrian government in fact carried these out. >> reporter: among the evidence i
to cover every angel of it beginning with dana >>> top obama officials insisted to lawmakers on the thursday night conference call they have no doubt ba sar assad's regime in syria was behind deadly chemical attacks there. secretaries of state, defense and others backed that up by revealing to lawmakers that the u.s. intercepted communications from a high level syrian official, which clearly indicates they were responsible for these weapons, that according to congressman el yol engel who participated in the call. though obama insists no decisions have been made, cnn is also told they privately made clear to lawmakers that chemical weapons in syria is such a threat the u.s. could engage with or without support from great britain. bob corker emerged from briefings thursday announcing support for surgical proportional military strikes, given the evidence of continued use of chemical warfare. bob menendez reaffirmed his support saying a decisive and consequential u.s. response is justified and warranted. . others argued the president still has to come before congress and the amer
morning. >> reporter: the obama administration not only strongly condemning the violence but calling for restraint and calling for the interim government to respect the rights of the people there. josh earnest saying that the u.s. will continue to hold the egyptian government accountable for the promise they made to speed up the transition to a democratical democratically elected government. but what's missing in all of this is what then? we do know there have been a lot of conversations between u.s. egyptian officials. but still more than a billion dollars in aid continues to flow from the united states to egypt. the white house saying that that aid is under review. one other point is that the white house still will not call what happened in egypt a cue. officials saying it's been determined that it's not in the best interest of united states to do so. a lot of tough talk from the obama administration, but no concrete steps on what will happen next. in the meantime, the president continues on his vacation here on martha's vineyard. no word on whether we'll hear from him in the comin
for inciting violence. obama's administration has decided to halt afreeze some ai to egypt. jill dougherty joins us. >> you can see the dilemma, do you continue the aid at the same time you have egyptian troops mowing down people on the streets of cairo. according to a spokesperson for senator patrick leahy, they're temporarily reprogramming that aid. now it is not a decision to turn it off or to do really anything but they are reprogramming and that averts what presidentby ma doesn't want to have to do, which is to define it, is it a coup or isn't it a coup because if it is they'd have to cut off the aid. it's a lot of money $1.5 billion is the total the taxpayers give to egypt. >> thanks so much for tracking that, jill, from the state department. >>> there is a lot of news developing at this hour so let's get straight to michaela. >> good morning to you at home. just released court documents detailing the injuries suffered by boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev before his capture. trauma surgeon said he had multiple shots including through his mouth and a skull fracture. he
obama will present the highest military honor to staff sergeant ty carter. the army says carter killed enemy fighters, risked his own life to save a wounded surgery. carter will be the fifth living recipient of the award for service in iraq or afghanistan. >>> check out a cat getting in trouble. he manages to use his paws. this, i didn't see you there. i'm sorry. let me put that back where it was. cats have so much personality. they often don't get credit for their smartness. >> you should get credit for your cat voice. >> maybe i should look into doing voice overs. >> you don't have enough to do in your day? >> i have free time. >>> when we come back the donald now the defendant in a $40 million lawsuit over his real estate school. is it a scam? we have the details ahead. >>> forget the winners at the mtv music awards. the buzz is all about miley, gaga. everything you need to know about the big show. peace of mind is important when you're running a successful business. so we provide it services you can rely on. with centurylink as your trusted it partner, you'll experience reliable up
beginning 9:00 a.m. eastern. >>> nsa's top secret surveillance programs under fire. president obama and a bipartisan group of lawmakers are going to hold a closed door meeting at the white house to discuss privacy as another edward snowden bomb shell is dropped detailing how much the intelligence agency is spying or could be spying on your internet activities. barbara starr with more on this. new revelations. how is the administration responding to it this time? >> this meeting at the white house may be a sign that the administration is willing to change the program but is not going to give up on it. the obama administration under attack for its surveillance programs. national security agency director keith alexander heckled. >> i haven't lied to congress. >> reporter: while congress questions is the nsa spying on us. who is accountable for edward snowden's leaks? >> anyone asked to resign or offered to resign? >> no one. >> reporter: the administration declassified more documents in an effort to show the surveillance is vital to national security. even as a new article unveiled mor
a planned meeting between president obama and vladimir putin. the state department unanimously deciding there wasn't enough progress on issues between the two countries to keep the one on one, but most are pointing to last week's decision by russia to grant nsa leaker edward snowden temporary asylum, a decision the u.s. calls disappointing. we have live team coverage on the story and what this means going forward in washington and moscow. first let's start in washington where cnn's jill dougherty is standing by at the white house. jill, this is a clear area of expertise for you. you worked in moscow for many years. what does this mean? >> i think it means that the wheels are coming off this relationship pretty fast, kate. there will be a meeting here in washington tomorrow with senior russian and u.s. officials, but it could be a tough one. there will be no see you in september summit in moscow between presidents barack obama and vladimir putin. state department spokeswoman jen psaki telling cnn's jake tapper -- >> our relationship with russia has been a roller coaster ride at times. >>
this morning for wearing a barack obama mask and asking spectators if they'd like to see the president run over by a bull. the performance was called offense by the governor. >> and a group of tie rope walke walkers performing a series of death defying stunts high in the sky. they walked, they sat, they danced and walked over each other. one of the performers even did a head stand on the steel wire. that is it what you call amazing. >> that is what you call trust. >> nick wallenda is watching saying i can do that. >> but does he have all the people that are willing to let him? >> i'd rather be wallenda than the guy lying on the wire. >> i know very little about a lot but that is kind of the safety pose that nick had shown me that if the winds would get high, you go down and lay down on the wire and because you can wrap your legs around the wire if need be. >> my safety pose is sitting on the bus. that's my safety pose. >> we have some more stunning pictures to show you. flash floods ripped through a town in colorado. one woman is killed, another still missing. jennifer delgado is tracking the w
we're out there willy-nilly. >> reporter: that was president obama just days ago assuring the american public that the national security agency was not breaching the trust of its citizens. but a new report out today by "the washington post" may raise new concerns. after combing through the trove of documents leaked by former nsa analyst edward snowden "the post" reports the nsa has broken privacy rules thousands of times each year since 2008. "the post" says most of the incidents involved surveillance of americans and foreign intelligence targets on u.s. soil in ways that violate the program's rules. of those incidents, "the post" report most were unintended and many involved failures of due diligence or violations of standard operating procedure such as when an area code mixup caused the nsa to intercept a large number of calls from wrau washington, d.c., instead of egypt. the nsa response was quick. overnight the nsa released a statement, "nsa's foreign intelligence surveillance activities are continually audited and overseen internally and externally. when nsa makes a m
between president obama and putin and cast a big chill on relations between washington and moscow. >>> troubled actress amanda bynes expected in court for a hearing on her future. she's been in a hospital for more than two weeks after allegeding setting fire to a neighbor's driveway in california along with other bizarre behavior. the judge wants to speak directly to amanda before ruling on whether her mother should be granted traert legal control on her life. >> one of the upsides to the celebration fascination it can highlight every issue families deal with, addiction, and emotional problems. >> and mental health and all of those things. >> good to see it play out with people just care about. interesting instruction. >> good point. >>> we'll take a break, coming up on "new day" one of the winners of the $448 million jackpot which i'm still bitter about, are coming forward to claim. he's got big plans for the money. we'll tell you about it. >>> and cbs in a bitter bat well time warn battle with time warner cable. why it may be settled this weekend, you could get your channel back
the african-american senator he would be, replacing barack obama last african-american appointed to the senate. he would be a new member of the senate who has a bit of a national stage already because of his high profile as newark mayor, he would be among the most prominent african-american politicians and the question how would he make his mark in the senate? i'd lay this marker down talk to mark warner, democrat of virginia, lamar alexander, republican of tennessee, the guys who have been chief executives like mayor booker was get frustrated because of the gridlock you've talked about. >> "time" magazine approached it this way. if he is a chief executive of a middle sized city of newark and he's so popular and he's so well-known, "time" magazine put it this way, "why on earth does booker want to be a u.s. senator?" wouldn't the raw politics of it, wouldn't governor be a better route for him in. >> the senate could say why would anybody come to washington. young people ask me do they want to come for jobs on journalism and on capitol hill. he didn't challenge chris christie this time and what
from one of the obama administration's fiercest critics. brianna keilar, we're talking about senator lindsay graham. he's praising the obama administration for handling the terrorist threats as of late, even saying they're doing it right. is he turning over a new leaf? >> i think in a way he's supporting president obama in what he's done with closing all these embassies. he is a key republican. i think this is very important. you have peter king, chairman of the house homeland security system saying the obama administration is doing the same thing. but the truth is, all is not forgiven or forgotten when it comes to benghazi which republicans are still very upset about. even though lindsay graham is saying, hey, the administration is doing this right, just a few days ago, he was one of eight lawmakers who sent a letter to the new fbi director saying we want you to be more aggressive in the investigation of benghazi and we want you to come brief us in the next month, i think. >> and this has been an opportunity where graham .other lawmakers from taken this terror threat and said this i
-american constituency is the biggest base. if she runs in 2016, barack obama will be gone from the scene. it's a constituency where he crushed all of his opponents in 2012. >> she will be continuing with these policy speeches next month taking on national security. talking about a speech on national security. read between the liechbs on that one. what do you bhak it? >> she's going to write a book. she's going to be very prominent. while she says she has not made a decision on 2016, she tells her aids her inclination is not to run. she's doing everything she has to do to run. she can wait later than anybody else to say i'm running should she decide to run. she can wait later than anybody else. this keeps her out there and keeps her prominent in the national debate, keeps her prominent in talking about the issues that will matter in 2016. it's a signal, look, i can't give you that answer. you'll wait a year or more for that. i'm going to be out there and be in the mix, don't worry about it. >> don't worry about it. you will hear from me. i do want to ask you about this is an important decisio
states. the obama administration has said the use of chemical weapons would cross a red line. what happens now? we have live team coverage overseas and washington. let's start first with arwa damon live from beirut. what's the latest you're hearing, arwa? >> reporter: those images are so hard to watch and it's absolutely horrible scenes of lifeless children, doctors trying to desperately resuscitate others. i just spoke via skype with a doctor who says he is in syria, we cannot independently verify that. he said they're struggling in primitive conditions, unable to attend to all of those who are suffering the side effects of what he is also saying was a chemical attack. they look atroprine and oxygen. another volunteer medics throughout all of this, if you'll remember, he was describing the symptoms he personally felt. he said he initially lost vision and then he lost all feeling in his body, and at one point, he collapsed. now this is not the first time that we've heard claims of chemical weapons being used in syria. it is, however, the first time that the death toll from any of t
of wisconsin. a number of governors who have said we don't like obama care. we are not even implementing some of the provisions that we have the discretion to implement or not in our states. we don't think it's good for the economy. but we think it is really bad for the economy to sort of say you know what? we may go ahead and shut down the government over this. they are really worried about the economic impacts in their states and they have come out publicly and said that. >> the political risk here is that republicans could then face being blamed if the government did eventually shut down, if the president, you know, kind of called their bluff. why are republicans like rubio and paul and rand paul, why are they willing to take this risk? >> reporter: you have to look at who they are trying to appeal to and it's different than who maybe republican leaders are trying to appeal to or who republican governors are trying to appeal to. right? they are trying to appeal to a wider swath of voters when your are look at ted cruz or rand paul or marco rubio. they are looking at the right flank and tea
believe chemical weapons were used in the syrian battlefield. this the obama administration saying causing a shift in u.s. policy towards arming the rebels. the mission for the team is not to establish who used chemical weapons but rather if they were used at all. >>> to russia where two champion sprinters apparently make a big statement by exchanging a kiss on the victory podium. >> reporte >> reporter: was it a kiss or a protest. two female russian athletes sharing a lengthy embrace on the podium over the weekend raising concerns they could be prosecuting for promoting what russia calls nontraditional sexual relations. neither athlete has yet issued a statement on the matter. >> thank you so much. >>> and they are starting to mismantle a mountain top get away that is making up the penthouse suite of a high rise in beijing. >> reporter: i want to show you the great lengths that the media here is covering the story. they have taken a drone and flown it above this enormous structure in beijing. these amazing pictures of this pretty extraordinary structure built by a chinese tralsh medicine
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)